The life of an ordinary woman, who'd been given an extraordinary gift. The Gift of Sight. This is my story and my life.

Famed X-Games Half Pipe sports star, Sarah Burke has passed away from head injuries that she had sustained in a bad accident nine days ago, while practicing for an upcoming event.

Thanks to the Canadian X-Gamer, she has made a name for herself and her fellow female gamers in the sport of extreme ski and snowboarding. In 2014, the first-ever Half Pipe competition will be within the Winter Olympics. And Sarah Burke was to be there, representing her country, Canada for the Gold Medal.

She was a hero to those both male and female of the extreme sport, by making it possible to compete in the Winter Olympics. But she is also a hero in another way, too.

Per her wishes, Sarah’s organs and tissues were donated. She wanted to help others to live a long life. And now, there are people that are going to do just that. Live longer, better and healthier.

Thank you, Sarah Burke, and her family! You all have given the chance of a lifetime to others. You all are TRUE heroes to those that were helped by your gift of love, life and compassion.


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