The life of an ordinary woman, who'd been given an extraordinary gift. The Gift of Sight. This is my story and my life.

After all was said and done, I felt very isolated and alone. I knew others had a corneal transplant, but I knew no one that has. It’s a very humbling, sobering and lonely experience to go through.

Not many people that have had the procedure done, or are about to have it done, are very open, publicly that is, about having to need someone else’s cornea attached to their eye. It is seemingly a taboo subject.

There are many times that the sight-saving operation is filled with myths, half-truths and misconceptions. And for those that have yet to go through it, that can be very damaging and make the person so frightened if they have not had someone speak up that HAS had a corneal transplant to tell them of the REAL experience.

I’ve been a longtime member of FaceBook. But then, I also added Twitter to my social networking. And it’s been a God send. I have met some REALLY awesome people, from all over the globe. Special Needs parents, Stay-At-Home moms, and those that have or are planning on having a Corneal Transplant. As well as well-known sight-based organizations.

Finally, I was no longer alone. I was able to not only GET support post-op, but to GIVE support, too. Finally, someone understood the fear, the unknown future and I was able to ask questions and get some real answers.

If you are on Twitter and you wish to connect with those that have had a Corneal Transplant, or are getting one in the near future, or just wish to know more of what’s involved, here is a listing of those you can “follow”.







m0m23kidznKatz (ME!)


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