The life of an ordinary woman, who'd been given an extraordinary gift. The Gift of Sight. This is my story and my life.

To mark the upcoming date of two years and five months post-transplant, I decided it was time (and very long overdue) to give a few pictures of how my eye (and overall skin problem) is doing.

Thankfully, at this time (as of posting) my eye is looking good and my skin has actually cleared up a bit more since the shots below were taken (a week or so ago, but no more than 2 weeks ago).

All of my stitches are gone. And I will always have a “mark” near the top of the area of where my hazel color is. It also runs in to the sclera a bit (white part of the eye). The blood vessels are less now then they were at the time of taking the photos, also.



Comments on: "I’m Keeping An Eye Out! (Pictures)" (4)

  1. As the years go on, my vision in that eye will worsen. It will get cloudier and the halo will get worse, too. Some say you get a yellow-tint to your vision as the cataract gets more prominent. I’m looking at about a minimum amount of about 5 years before surgery.

  2. You’ve really had it rough. But how’s your sight now?

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