The life of an ordinary woman, who'd been given an extraordinary gift. The Gift of Sight. This is my story and my life.

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Happy Mother’s Day & Thank You

It’s days like today that are harder on me than most. Not just because of my own mother not being with us anymore. But because there are so many questions and variables as to who my Donor was. And it makes it that much harder on me to know that I live in a world of “unknown”.

So, to be on the safe side, being that I’m one that likes to err on the side of caution, I must say…


And Happy Mother’s Day to my Donor. I don’t know if you indeed were a Mom. I don’t even know if you were female. But it makes me feel better to say it rather than not.

I can only imagine what you family is feeling and thinking. Especially if there are children that you had to leave behind. I know from my own experience, it’s hard, even all of these years later to not have Mom here to celebrate with me. In time though, I promise, it does get easier for them. Only, the sting will never be completely lost on them. But you are with them, as you are with me, though on two different levels.

Today, and everyday as before and will be in the future, I thank you for your gift. The gift of sight. The gift to enjoy my children and love them as I’m certain you had yours. For that, I am eternally grateful to you, and to your family.

So today, on this Mother’s Day, I shall enjoy my children, even though they have been driving me a bit batty. Because of you, I can enjoy them and watch them with both of my eyes. Thank you.

And Happy Mother’s Day.


Another Christmas Done. Another Year of Emotions.

..And another Christmas, thinking of a family that you very likely won’t ever get to meet. The family of a person that you know as fact that indeed you will NEVER get to meet. Or say thanks to.

While I had a great time with my family, opening gifts, spending quality time with one another, laughing and just having a great day, that itty-bitty thought came to me of those that I have lost over the years. And of my Donor and their family.

It’s been two years of Christmases now since my Donor lost their life for whatever reason, and that I got their selfless act of love and kindness. And still it breaks my heart to know that there will forever be an “empty spot” at their family’s table.

But it’s gotten easier. And I decided as of last year’s Halloween that the best way to honor my Donor and their family, and this great Gift of Sight is to SMILE, be happy, enjoy the time I have with my family and friends, and LIVE my life.

What better way to honor the stranger who had enough love for others, that when their time came, that they gave the ULTIMATE gift? The gift of sight to one or two people. Possibly also giving to at least one to seven more people the Gift of Breathing, the Gift of a healthy heartbeat. Or even the Gift of walking with new tendons, or a Gift of Skin to graft to God-awful and painful burns.

After the new year has passed, I’m seriously considering to write to my Donor Family and update them on the progress of their loved one’s cornea and let them know that thanks to this person, my life is finally back to normal. I never received a reply back after the first initial letter, so I’m really not expecting one this time, either. If it happens, that would be wonderful. But like last time, I am not going to hold my breath.

So, to you newbie Cornea Graft Recipients, as I learned (and yes it IS “easier said than done”), do NOT feel sad about having to get that tissue as to save your sight. Especially if it was so close to the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah). Because we didn’t “steal” or “take away” anything. We were given one of the GREATEST Christmas/Hanukkah gifts, even if a bit early, that anyone could give and receive. We have our sight back! It may not be perfect right now, especially if recently done. But still, we have our eye(s) and we can SEE.

What greater gift than the gift of unselfish and unconditional love, compassion and giving to others in need is there? Especially from those that made the loving decision to become Organ/Eye/Tissue Donors?